Can I set up a Will or Living Trust using an internet or software form?

Internet and office supply store forms are generic and rarely work well for anyone. The legal requirements associated with estate planning are very state specific and precise. In addition, with wills and Trusts, the legal requirements can be inflexible and a mistake in their form or in their execution can make them either problematic or even unenforceable. The risk of making a costly mistake with generic documents outweighs the cost of having them prepared properly by an experienced estate planning attorney.  We always advise to avoid generic forms and internet software, because sadly those using software programs often “don’t know enough to know what they don’t know.”


We were very pleased with the level of expertise available at Davis Schilken. It enabled us to feel confident that we were presented all options. The process was efficient and allowed us to complete our estate planning effectively and efficiently. - W&L R.
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