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Call Us: (303) 670-9855

1658 Cole Blvd.,Building 6, Suite 200
Lakewood, CO 80401
7887 E. Belleview Ave, Suite 820,
Denver, CO 80111

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Our Definition

Estate planning with Davis Schilken, PC, is more than just planning for who takes ownership of your things if you were to pass away. Estate planning is also more than avoiding potential estate taxes for your loved ones. Rather, estate planning is a comprehensive process of identifying your goals and pairing that with your individual context and situation. To help clarify what we here at Davis Schilken see as our goal, we have developed our definition of estate planning for each individual we meet.

Our Definition of Estate Planning that we believe can broadly be defined for you says:

“I want to control my property while I am alive, take care of me and my loved ones if I become disabled, and give what I have to whom I want, the way I want and when I want. Furthermore, if I can, I want to save every last tax dollar, professional fee, and court cost legally possible.”

We believe that this definition of estate planning is an excellent starting point for all of our clients. As we work towards accomplishing this, we realize that each situation is unique and requires different strategies and approaches. That is why we have developed a process that assists us and you in identifying which strategies are best for your situation. To learn more about our process, click on the “Our Process” tab.

To speak with any one of our attorneys on how to create your estate plan, and thereby meet the definition of estate planning above, call our offices today (303) 670-9855 or click on the link to contact.

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