Relationships With Professional Advisors

We use a team approach with trusted advisors. We often see the need for services and products that we are not licensed to provide and we need trusted advisor team members such as CPAs, Financial Advisors, and Insurance Professionals. Our relationship with advisors is one of mutual cooperation and respect. We encourage client advisors to be a part of our planning process, because we believe that the team approach leads to much more sophisticated and comprehensive planning.

Our Practice is Limited in Scope

Our practice is limited in scope. We like to refer to what we do as wealth planning, because it includes estate planning, business planning, tax consultations and tax planning (including significant income tax planning), asset protection planning, and related work. We are available to implement and follow through with the plans we design and assist with the estate or trust administration work for client families.

We have many clients throughout the country and we offer extensive experience with techniques often overlooked in our local area. We use conservative and tested techniques that are not intended to promote disputes with the IRS. We do not want clients to take on the government as an opponent. We avoid planning techniques that are of doubtful validity.

Our goal is to exceed client and advisor expectations with extraordinary services. We believe our approach to planning accomplishes that goal. We would be honored to work with you and your clients and are confident you will have an impressive, comfortable experience working with us.

Our Promise to Referring Advisors

We use a fundamental covenant:

If a client referred to us needs a service or product, we refer the client back to the original referring financial professional or advisor for that service or product. We will never refer a client to another financial professional unless the client does not want to use the referring advisor or the referring advisor has proved to be incompetent.

As an extension of this covenant, we maintain the following:

If a client referred to us ever refers another client who needs some service or product, we refer that new client back to the referring financial professional or advisor for that service or product, even though the referring financial professional may never have met that new client.

In some cases your referred client does not require additional financial services or products. In that case, we will do a superb job for your referred client, which reflects positively on you. In other cases your client may need something you have to offer and that business comes back to you. When your referred client likes what we have done for them, they refer other people to us. Any new client they refer who needs financial services or products is referred back to you, the original financial advisor who made a referral to us.

What Happens When a Referral Is Made to Us?

We provide a no-obligation consultation to potential clients and we welcome your participation.

What About a Client or Prospective Client with Prior Planning in Place?

Some people may have prior basic business or estate planning in place and may already have one or more lawyers they like.

What we offer these potential clients is a valuable review of their planning (and suggestions where applicable regarding plan enhancements) for better income tax results, better protection of their own assets, and better protection of assets for people they love. Many people are unaware of the diverse number of strategies available to control their wealth while they are alive, disabled, or after their death.

How Much Wealth Should Be Involved Before a Referral Is Made to Us?

No case is too small to review. It is not about how much money someone has, but rather about how much they care about their loved ones. Anyone an advisor believes may need planning is a candidate for a referral.

How Much Do We Charge Clients Referred to Us?

This is going to be one of the biggest questions your clients will ask. While the typical answer is “I don’t know,” we suggest that you elaborate as follows:

“I don’t know what cost might be involved later, but at the very worst you get a no obligation review from someone who does this type of planning for so many families. You have nothing to lose but your time, and you may get some valuable ideas. I think it’s a no lose proposition for you.”

You need to know we use a systems approach to education, discovery, design, implementation, and maintenance. This approach helps us keep our fees reasonable.

The fee for every case is different depending upon the type and complexity of the plan being developed, the size of the estate and the assets owned, the extent of tax planning involved, and the planning options selected by the client.

A comforting thought for you and the clients you refer to us is: We would not have been able to serve hundreds of families if we did not offer outstanding value.

What Is The Best Way To Make A Referral?

    1. Call our office and provide us with your name, address, and phone number. (We will also then add you to our database of advisors.) Provide us with the name(s), addresses, and phone numbers for the client(s) you are referring.
    2. Schedule the client meeting with our office for your clients because clients respond more favorable to you doing so rather than asking them to contact us. It is often helpful if you make the call for them while you are meeting with them. They will more than appreciate your help.
    3. Once the meeting is scheduled, a conference call with you and the attorney to whom you are referring your client is extremely helpful to the attorney for background information.
    4. We invite you to accompany your client to the review meeting (assuming your client’s consent) at our office. Some financial professionals find it helpful to be present at the meeting. This simple act helps to cement your own relationship with the client and we value your input to the planning process.
    5. The initial review meeting can be held at our offices or at your offices. Expect the meeting to take approximately two hours. This is a no-pressure meeting in a relaxed atmosphere. It is fun for us, for the client, and for you.

Getting Started

Professional Education Seminars


We were very pleased with the level of expertise available at Davis Schilken. It enabled us to feel confident that we were presented all options. The process was efficient and allowed us to complete our estate planning effectively and efficiently. - W&L R.
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