Planning for Special Stuff – My Dad’s Coal Shovel

A common goal when planning for parents is “I want my kids to get along.”  Yet as estate and trust attorneys we know that one of the biggest challenges involves “special stuff.’  By this I mean tangible personal property such as family photos, heirlooms, jewelry, antiques and gun collections. Transmission of these items is often […]

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Identity Theft

According to the Bureau of Justice, approximately 8.6 million households fell prey to identity theft in 2010, at a cost of more than $13 billion. You probably believe identity theft will never happen to you.  Most people believe identity theft is hacking into your computer or a stolen wallet and using your passwords and credit […]

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Unclaimed Property in Colorado

Do you, or loved ones, have unclaimed property in the State of Colorado?   Any Colorado resident that has lost track of a bank account, stocks, bonds, abandoned safety deposit boxes or a retirement account; misplaced a rebate check, paycheck from a business; or even your Colorado State tax rebate; the bank, business or State agency […]

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How to Keep Your Kids From Ruining Your Retirement

They call it the “boomer boomerang” – adult children of retiring baby boomers who continue to rely on their parents for their financial needs.  Unfortunately, continuing to support grown children can have a significant detrimental effect on boomers’ savings and retirement plans, according to a Wall Street Journal article yesterday.

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Cohabitation Complexities

(Also applies to prenuptial and married couples) More couples are living together without being married than ever before in our nation’s history. You probably know couples in this situation.  You might believe that this could never happen to me. I was married for 40 years when my wife died after a short illness.

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Celebrating My “Twentieth Anniversary” – Be Ready

June 2nd,   is a memorable date for me.  On that evening twenty years ago, I was driving home from work in Fairfax County, Virginia in my cool 1990 Nissan 300Z. (1990 was the last year before mandatory air bags.) My wife and two young children were waiting for me to share dinner.

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Thinking About Gifting to the Next Generation

By Keith L. Davis As the New Year begins and estate and gift tax uncertainty continues, I think it’s a good time to take a moment and reflect on the social benefits of family gifting rather than just the tax exemption aspects of gifting.

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Medical Advocacy – It Could Save a Life

Speaking up for yourself in the healthcare system is not always easy.  But it is your body after all, so why is speaking up so hard?  “I don’t want to question the doctor.” “I assumed my doctors all talked to each other.” “The pharmacy gave me the medication, so I didn’t worry.” “I wanted to […]

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How To Bullet-Proof A Child’s Inheritance

In this time of frequent divorce and economic uncertainties, asset protection has become a hot topic.  During the past several years, many seminars, attracting increasingly larger audiences, have promoted the use of various sophisticated asset protection vehicles.

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