Kirsten Broman

Professional Responsibilities

As a Paralegal on our Trust and Estate Administration Team, Kirsten works with our clients in both of these areas. She is responsible for assisting in carrying out the wishes of loved ones with both the family and the courts.

Estate and probate laws change periodically, and Kirsten is continually updating and adapting her knowledge as well as her process to create a highly effective and client friendly environment.

Get to Know

If you asked Kirsten where her favorite place in Colorado is, she would tell you Southwest Colorado!  The San Juans have a distinct pinyon pine and sandstone smell, gorgeous vistas, and wonderfully unique mountain towns. If she is not dining in at Garibaldi or Lucille’s, you may find her enjoying time in the hills – hiking, camping, climbing. Autumn is the best time of year! Crunchy leaves, cool weather, sweaters, baked goods, how does it get better than that? One thing she likes about Davis Schilken, PC is the great atmosphere and camaraderie of the team. Her favorite law movie – Erin Brokovich.