What is a Last Will and Testament?

In short, a Last Will and Testament (“will” for short) dictates what should be done with a person’s estate at death, and to whom custody of said person’s children shall pass. Obviously, a will is not something to be taken lightly.

If there is no will in place at the time of your passing, your estate may be distributed in accordance with  state law, and a judge may decide who will take care of your children.

Depending upon the size of your estate and the complexity of your personal situation, a court may review your assets before disbursement. Laws vary from state to state and the process can take more than a year.

Using a properly drafted will or revocable trust, you may give what you have to whom you want, the way you want and when you want while minimizing taxes, professional fees and court costs.

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We were very pleased with the level of expertise available at Davis Schilken. It enabled us to feel confident that we were presented all options. The process was efficient and allowed us to complete our estate planning effectively and efficiently. - W&L R.
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