Identity Theft

According to the Bureau of Justice, approximately 8.6 million households fell prey to identity theft in 2010, at a cost of more than $13 billion. You probably believe identity theft will never happen to you.  Most people believe identity theft is hacking into your computer or a stolen wallet and using your passwords and credit card information.  In reality, identity theft takes many forms that expose you every day, not just a computer hacker or thief. Continue reading

Unclaimed Property in Colorado

Do you, or loved ones, have unclaimed property in the State of Colorado?  
Any Colorado resident that has lost track of a bank account, stocks, bonds, abandoned safety deposit boxes or a retirement account; misplaced a rebate check, paycheck from a business; or even your Colorado State tax rebate; the bank, business or State agency is required by law to file a report and forward those assets to the Unclaimed Property office of the Colorado State Treasurer. Continue reading