What is an Ethical Will?

When people are asked why estate planning is important, they frequently say it’s because estate planning allows them to pass on the wealth they’ve worked hard for to those they love most. This is a perfectly reasonable answer, but not all the things we value and pass on are tangible. Many people would say that the most important things they have to leave their family are their love and deeply-held values. For those people, preparing an ethical will is something worthy of consideration. Continue reading

Avoiding Conflicts Between Beneficiaries and Trustees

People set up trusts in order to protect assets and conserve them for beneficiaries. This protection is achieved by appointing a trustee to manage, invest, and distribute trust property. In an ideal world, the trustee acts wisely and in the beneficiaries’ best interests, and the beneficiaries are grateful for the trustee’s services and make only reasonable requests for distributions from the trust. Continue reading

What is Elder Law?

Elder law is a legal specialty focused on helping seniors and their caregivers make the best choices for their finances, care, and estate planning. As the eldest members of the Baby Boom begin to retire, and even the youngest have blown out fifty candles, the ranks of seniors in Colorado will continue to grow. It is important that older Coloradans, and their caregivers, have legal guidance that takes into account their particular needs. Continue reading