Colorado Court Filings for Estate Administration and Probate

One of the most daunting aspects of probate and estate administration in Colorado is understanding what pleadings need to be completed, how to draft them, when they must be filed, and who must be served. Having an experienced Colorado estate administration attorney help with the process takes most of the pressure off of a personal representative. Continue reading

Cohabitation Planning in Colorado

Increasingly, couples are choosing to live together without getting married. Living together involves mingling not only a couple’s personal lives, but sometimes their financial lives as well. Unfortunately, if tragedy strikes, Colorado law does not automatically protect cohabiting couples in the same way that it does married ones, no matter how committed to each other they may be. Continue reading

Estate Administration in Colorado

What is Estate Administration?
Estate administration is the process of overseeing the disposition of a deceased person’s assets—their estate. The complexity of Colorado estate administration depends on the amount and type of property in the estate, whether there is a valid will, and whether any will contests or disputes among heirs are expected. In Colorado, there are three types of estate administration: Continue reading